What is a custom bicycle?

Bikes come in a range of different sizes and the client is then "fit" (often times poorly) to the bicycle so they can experience the most efficient and comfortable position attainable for their body and that bikes' particular dimensions.  A custom bicycle is different.  For these bikes, we have our clients come in and use our sizer cycle to determine the measurements necessary to hand-make the *perfect* bicycle for *your* body. Rather than being fit to the bike, the bicycle is literally built to fit you.

How about components?

We are happy to help our customers choose the best components for their riding style, budget, aesthetic preferences, etc.  From the latest SRAM wireless electronic group sets, to the classic beauty of Campagnolo.  From the undeniably fast line of ENVE wheelsets, to the more price-conscious yet solid Shimano wheelsets.  We have the brains and experience to help you choose whatever component combinations you'd like.

I want a custom bike. What is the next step?

Let the fun begin!

1. Choose Your Bike

We offer two fantastic manufacturers of custom bikes:

  • Alchemy Bicycle Co. is based out of Denver, CO . Their attention to detail in every aspect of the bicycle has gained them a loyal following and a ton of credibility from industry veterans, to racers, to bike connoisseurs.  Everything is done entirely in-house at their Denver, CO warehouse by their well-rounded and experienced group of veterans. Their backgrounds range from being pioneers of the first American production mountain bikes, to the refinement of carbon fiber as a staple in bicycle production, to having worked with some of the original custom bicycle pioneers including the legendary Ben Serotta . With a philosophy of "form follows function", their bikes are not only easy on the eyes, but are constantly pushing the boundaries for the fastest, best handling, best fitting, and all around best performing bikes available.  Whether you want a titanium gravel grinder, a carbon mountain climber, or even a full-suspension mountain bike, they have a dream bicycle for you.
  • BOO Bicycles is based out of Fort Collins, CO. These guys make some of the most unique bicycles in the world, with their focus around an amazing species of grass -- bamboo.  James Wolf, one of the original founder's of the company, lives in Vietnam and hand-selects an extremely strong species of bamboo (codename: "Iron Bamboo") when it's at the perfect condition to become a bicycle.  Each bike is then completely made by hand with no molds of any kind, and the resulting product is a bike nearly as stiff as carbon laterally, but with a torsional forgiveness that results in an efficient, smooth ride comparable to a titanium/carbon hybrid. These guys are master craftsman who have devoted their skills to making some truly one-of-a-kind bicycles.

2. Get Sized

Next we determine all the frame measurements necessary to make this a one-of-a-kind bike that fits you perfectly.  We do this by finding the balance in keeping you comfortable, but also in the most efficient, sustainable position for your body and riding style.  We'll have you come to the shop, bring some basic riding equipment, and get you on the sizer cycle.  This dynamic, adjustable bicycle machine will allow us to literally draft your custom bike while you're riding it!

3. We Build It, You Enjoy It

After a few weeks, we'll have your custom hand-made frame and a box or two of your favorite components.  We then take these parts and assemble them together to their highest potential, and voila!  You now have a bike that will not only be an absolute joy to ride, but is an extension of who you are.  And we'll still be here for any maintenance, riding tips, recommended routes or anything else you may need.